A Funny Joke About Clowns, Acrobats and Bums

Here's a Funny Joke About Clowns, Acrobats and Bums

Wealthy Internet Executive has been arranging a birthday party for his little daughter. They invited all her friends and ordered the performance of clowns. The day comes, everyone is waiting for the clowns, but they are late. A door bell rings and the Executive eagerly rushes to open it, but there’s only two street bums:

Sir, could you help us with the money. We can do some work for you. We really need the money

Ok” says the Executive. “Go chop some wood for my fireplace in the backyard and I’ll give you 50 bucks.

He forgets about them and gets back to the kids in the front yard. But there are no clowns and now children are getting desperate. There are lots of unhappy kids there, cries, whining, etc. Unable to take it anymore the executive gets back into the kitchen to calm down. He looks into the backyard and there he sees one of the bums doing all sorts of acrobatic tricks, pirouettes, somersaults and some other incredible feats. An amazing view! The Executive gets into the back yard and says to one of the bums:

Could your friend repeat the performance in the front yard, for the kids. I’ll give you a grand!

Hey,” shouts the bum. “Care to venture another of your balls under the ax… for a thousand bucks?


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