Dirty Text Messages #00001-#00010

Dirty Text Messages Dirty funny text messages
Wanna send dirty phone text message to your friends? Here are the first batch of free dirty text messages. Enjoy sending these SMS!!! Have fun texting...
10. Old Chinese proverb says "Man with er*ction walking through door sideways is always going to Bangkok". Huh?!!

9. What's the difference between your job and your wife? Your job still sucks after five years!

8. This is a hole that never heals, the more you rub it the better it feels and all the soap from here to hell can never get rid of that ****** smell!

7. Jelly Baby goes to the doctor and says "Doctor I've got aids". The doctor replies "U can't have aids, you're a jelly baby". Jelly Baby says "yes but Dr I've been sleepin with ALLSORTS!

6. Why is a woman like a bucket of KFC? Because once your past the tender breast and the juicy thigh all you have left is a greasy box to put your bone in!

5. Chicken and egg in bed. Chicken has head on pillow smoking. Egg rolls over annoyed saying "I guess we answered that question".

4. A teacher asks "what part of the body goes to heaven first?" A child replies, "Feet- coz every night I see my mom with her feet in the air screaming GOD I'M COMING!

3. Little Girl:"Mommy I just found out that the little boy next door has a p*nis like a peanut". Mommy: "You mean its small?" Little Girl:"No its salty".

2. A girl has a car crash and an ambulance arrives. The paramedic asks 'How many fingers have I got up? The girl replies "Oh no I think I'm paralized too.

1. Man goes to the doctors after being r@ped by an elephant. Doctor says "Funny that your ass is 10 inches wide but an elephant's cock is only 3 inches wide. The man replies "Yes but the bastard fingered me first!" Ewwwww!!!


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