A Joke About The Urge and Aladdin

Another funny joke to share called Joke: The Urge and Aladdin

Two guys got tickets to a new bestselling Broadway show “The Lamp of Aladdin”. They lived on the other side of the city, so they decided to leave early to be in time for the show. When they left the apartment, one of them remembered that he needs to go to a toilet (for a “small thing”).

“Well”, he thinks. “I’ll go when I get to the theatre”.

It took a while for them to get a taxi, so he begins to get the urge, but consoles himself that he will be OK when they get to the theatre. However, due to the traffic jam they get to the theatre rather late. The performance is sold out and when they get through the crowd, there’s no time for him to go to the toilet. The urge is pretty strong by now.

“Hmm, I think I can manage until the break” says the guy and they go to watch the show. An hour passes by, there’s no break. The guy now can not see anything on stage, only one thought in his head:

“I need to pee!!! RIGHT NOW!!!”

Another half an hour passes by, there’s no break!

“I can not help myself. I’m going to the toilet”, says the guy.

“Ok, go”, says his friend.

He gets up, gets out of the room and runs down the corridor looking for the toilet. He sees the door, opens it - it’s an accounting office. He slams the door and runs down the corridor, feeling that there’s only few seconds left until he loses control and relieves himself. There’s another door! He opens it, but there’s administrative office. Cursing he slams the door and runs again. Another door! Wheeeew… There’s a dark room and a kettle on the floor.

“Well, I don’t have the strength to hold it anymore, I can use a kettle”, thinks a guy. He runs to the kettle, relieves himself and goes back to his seat with a happy smile. He sits down, looks around and sees that the whole audience fell down from their seats and are rolling on the floor laughing.

He looks around, finds Joe and asks: “What happened?”

“You know, when you got on stage, the audience thought that there’s another character from the show. When you got to the lamp of Aladdin and unbuttoned your pants, the audience fell silent. When you started relieving yourself into the Aladdin’s lamp, everyone was silent from shock. When you, smiling happily, got out from the stage, there was a deadening silence. But when the genie jumped out of the lamp swearing loudly: “WHAT THE HELL… I’M SITTING HERE IN THIS FRIGGIN LAMP FOR AN HOUR EVERYDAY, AND NOW THEY START PEEING ON ME ??!!! THAT’S IT. I QUIT”, the audience could not help themselves….”

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