Funny Joke About Sins and Good Deeds

Another funny joke called Sins and Good Deeds. Just worth a laugh and great for the weekend :D
A French guy comes to church for confession.
“Bless me father, for I have sinned.”
“Tell me more, my son.”
”During the occupation, in World War II, I’ve hidden a Jew in my cellar.”
“That is a good deed, not a sin, my son.”
“But that is not all, father. I made him pay me 100 franks a day, to stay there.”
“Well, that is a sin. But not a big one. I see that you regret it, so I forgive you. Go and sin no more.”
“Thank you, father. God bless you”
“Yes, my son?”
“Now that I confessed to my sins, should I tell him, that the war is over?”


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