Funny Joke About Taming Methods

Here's another funny joke worth a laugh for the year 2008. Check it out and have fun :D
Taming Method

ParrotA guy got a parrot as a Birthday present from his friends. A big one – expensive and beautiful. However, from the day one the parrot started swearing. This lasted for several days. The guy tried to reason with the parrot, talked to him nice, gave good food, but nothing helped.

Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and put it into the fridge. For the first ten minutes the swearing got even louder, there was a lot of banging and wailing.

Funny JokeBut after ten minutes, silence followed. He opens the door and the parrot says quietly from the fridge: “I’m so sorry. I was wrong. You, your mother, son and daughter are wonderful people. It was my mistake. Please forgive me.”

“Eh, let the bygones be bygones. It’s ok. Forget it.”

The parrot even more quietly: “Listen, and the chick in the fridge…. what did she do to you?”


waliz said...

hahaha hye..
i love this parrot! hope he can be my pet..he will definitely make my!

Hye said...

Hahaha... I also like parrots because of the fact that they can talk... This is a funny joke right? In case I will have a pet like this, I will put it in the fridge as my taming method. Hahaha!


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