Joke: Think hard before you talk

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The wife asks her husband:
“Darling, if I die, will you marry again?”
“Of course not, darling”
“Why not? Don’t you like our marriage?”
“Oh no, I just…”
“Don’t you love me any more? Are you disappointed to be married to me?”
“Of course not, darling…”
“Then tell me, why won’t you consider marriage if I died?”
“Well, on second thought, I will probably consider marriage if you died.”
“Tell me, how do you think will she look? Will she be blonde, brunette…..”
“I think she could be brunette, just like you.”
“And you will live in our house?”
“Well, yes. Where else should we live?”
“And she will sleep in our bedroom?”
“Probably, if we don’t remodel our house, it is the only bedroom now…”
”So you don’t like our house now?”
“Oh, I did not say that. I like our house very much…”
“An you will seep in our bed?
“Well… probably, where else should we sleep?”
“And you will buy her a car?”
“No. I will definitely not buy her a car.”
“Why not?”
“She doesn’t have a drivers license…”
…….. Silence
Husband: “Ooops…”

So, to the guys out there... think hard before you talk, ayt?


waliz said...

hahahaha... a case of slip of the tongue??

very funny hye...i want more joke please...u make my day..

Hye said...

Hello waliz.

Sure... I will keep on posting here jokes. Be sure to check out the Categories for more "worth-read". Take care always :D

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