Love Text Messages #00006 - #00010

Here are another five free love text messages for your love ones. Feel free to copy them!
10. Time revolves without anyone. But you just look around. You may not sense my presence but you’ll always know that somewhere beyond the distance there’s someone thinking of you.

9. You cannot really feel the yearning, the love, even if he tells you once, twice, or a hundred times, if there's no love, there's no really love.

8. It took me a long time finding you. You’re someone I want to be with even after death and if I find myself in heaven or in hell without holding your hand, I’ll go searching for you all over again.

7. I don’t know why I can't smile the way I used to do... maybe because it’s my heart that was broken into two.. I just don’t know until when I’ll feel better because the only one that can make me smile again is YOU.

6. If there’s one wish in my life I want to come true, it's to share my life with you. If there's one thing I want to let you know, it's to say I love you so. If there's one dream I want to hold on to, it's to be with you forever.


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