Chain Text Messages #00001 - #00010

Looking for chain funny text messages to send? Here's the first set of chain texts, they may not be the funniest or latest, but they are cool to send to your friends.

Chain Text Messages10. "Whatever plans I have in mind, Lord I surrender them to You.” Pass this msg to at least 10 FRIENDS & delete. See what will happen next. Pls don't delete w/o sending.

9. The Don'ts to Remember: Don't wait for time. Make it. Don't wait for love. Feel it. Don't wait for money. Earn it. Don't wait for the path. Hack it. Don't wait for opportunity. Create it. Don't go for less. Get the best. Don't compare. Be unique. Don't avoid failure. Use it. Don't dwell on mistakes. Learn from them. Don't back down. Go around. Don't close your eyes. Open your mind. Don't run from life. Embrace and enjoy it. Don't just read this. Share it!

8. Mama Mary called me today & asked who needs to be blessed. I gave Her ur #. If you love Her, send this to 10 people & in 5 minutes, something good will happen

7. Describe me in 1 WORD, just one! Send it to me then send this msg to 20 persons & see how many wonderful strange things people think about you! Text back, I'll wait.

6. I’m sorry to bother you but it is urgent. I have a friend coming from far and needs a place to stay since He ‘ll be around, so I have indicated your house. Please receive and love him. … His name is Jesus.Say this slowly, Jesus Christ, I luv u & I need u , Clean my Heart with ur Blood. Send this to 15 special People & u will see a Miracle b4 d end of d Month. Pls don't ignore d Word of God.

5. You might be bestfriends one year, pretty good friends the next year,don’t talk that often the next year,and don’t want to talk at all the year after that. So,I just wanted to say,even if I never talk to you again in my life, you are special to me and you have made a difference in my life, I look up to you, respect you, and truly cherish you. *Send this to all your friends, no matter how often you talk, or how close you are. Let old friends know you...

4. Today is WISH MAKING DAY.. if you are reading this msg may God bless you, may all your
wishes come true & may you have good times in all stages of your life.. just wish for
anything & forward this msg.

3. I am giving you 100 angels to take care of you. Give them to 9 friends including me & you will get good news in 10mins. Trust me!

. |¤|
|¤¤ ¤¤|
. |¤|
. |¤|
send this CROSS to 7 people gud luck wil follow immd8ly. Warning: dont delete it. You’ll surely receive good news!

1. Five Fingers Of Prayer: 1) Your thumb is nearer to you, so pray for those who are closest to you. 2) Pointing finger: Pray for those who teach, instruct and heal. 3) Tallest finger: Pray for our leaders, they need God's guidance. 4) Ring finger: Weakest finger, so pray for those who are weak, troubled or in pain. 5) Little finger: the smallest - to remind you to pray for yourself. Please forward and share to people you care about.

More chain msgs will be shared in the future. Also check the "good morning text messages" area for a batch of good morning greeting texts to send and inspire your family.


Anonymous said...

some of these had my friends lolling :)

the script hahah !!! ( ya rite ) said...

girl says how much do u love me boy says look sky ; girl:dont change the subject Boy: just do it girl looks up to the sky and says wat boy says seen the the stars count them girl:its impossible Boy: thats how much i luv u
send this on amd ur lover will surprise u 2 nite

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