Inspirational Text Messages #00091-#00100

Inspirational Text MessagesGet motivated. Inspire your friends, family, sister, brother, uncle, auntie, grandma, grandpa, or even your enemy... send these text messages to them now ;0

100. A blessed life is not being famous or wealthy; but one that faces trials and troubles but never loses sight of God's loving presence! Have a nice day!

99. Jesus is like a software. He 'enters' your life, 'scans' your problems, 'edits' your tension, 'downloads' solutions, 'deletes' your worries and 'saves' you. God bless.

98. May the Lord give you a fresh supply of strength to do your tasks, anoint your works, bless your plans so that even your smallest accomplishments will glorify God. Take care.

97. Through the cracks of brokenness in our lives, God allows us to see that only with Him and in Him is our real security and abiding strength! God bless!

96. God often strips us of everything, so that when we have nothing, we have Him, and when we have Him, we have everything! God bless!

95. A big jar of water gets emptied by just a small hole. Even a little anger and pride will drain all the nobility of a good heart. May God's love inspire us!

94. Dear God, you've given me valuable hours each day. May I use a few seconds to say thank you for giving me the gift of knowing someone as nice as the one reading this. Good morning!

93. Prayer is a perfume to our soul and a fragrance that pleases God. Wear your prayer everyday and let it freshen you, anytime, anywhere you go.

92. Life is a song we play each day. Every mistake we make in life puts the song out of tune, but keep on trying. One day, every melody will come to its tune.

91. Bread cast on water comes back to you. The good deed you do today may benefit you or your loved ones at the least expected time. If you never see the deed again, at least, you have made the world a better place. Isn't that what's life is all about?

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