Inspirational Text Messages #00071-#00080

Inspirational Text Messages
Send motivational quotes and text messages to inspire. Here are ten inspirational quotes and SMS to forward to your friends and family.
80. May the Lord give you a heart free from sadness, a mind free from worries, a life free from hatred and a body free from illness.

79. Christ is a good bowler. If he doesn't strike you, he will surely spare you. He's always ready to give you a break. But never will he ever roll you over to the canal.

78. Lord, enlighten what is dark in me; strengthen what is weak in me; mend what is broken in me; bind what is bruised in me; heal what is sick in me; straighten what is crooked in me and revive whatever peace and love have died in me. Most of all, teach me to practice humility at all times.

77. Don't pray to be sheltered from problems. But pray to be fearless in facing them. Don't be afraid of pain. But ask for a heart that conquers it!

76. The hands of God draw you close, hold you near and embrace you forever. May your heart be assured today of how very precious You are to Him.

75. The seeds of greatness are in you. God never created you to be nobody but a real somebody. He values you so much and loves you more than you ever know.

74. Smile increases value of face. Anger spoils beauty of soul. Faith is force of life. Confidence is companion of success. So, keep smiling, cute child of God. Take care always!

73. Blessings are not something we have to ask for, they are already there, all we have to do is count them and thank the Giver everyday.

72. God's guidance is like a flashlight in a dungeon. It doesn't shine on all corners at once, but gives out just enough light for the next step.

71. Life may not be what you planned. Frustrations are hard to understand but God reigns up above in control of everything.

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