Inspirational Text Messages #00061-#00070

Inspirational Text Messages
Get inspired with the motivational quotes below. Feel free to send them to your loved ones. Keep the air of inspiration and love in the air always ;0 Happy texting!
70. There is no such thing as an extraordinary person. There are only ordinary people continuing on where others give up. The moment one passes the "give up point", everything looks extraordinary!

69. Sometimes, you have to make a big mistake to figure out how to make things right. Mistakes are painful. But they are the only way to find out who you really are.

68. If it's taking all your strength, if it's killing your heart, if it's making you bear too much pain and it's making you ignore everything else, make sure it's worth it, otherwise, let it go!

67. Once I loved, I believed, I trusted. I failed, I cried, I moved on. Then I loved again. I invested, I exerted, I hoped, I fought. But eventually, I became weak, I got tired, I let go. Love doesn't always succeed. But it always teaches us to let go if we can no longer hold on.

66. Still bothered by what happened yesterday? Sit down and relax. Gather yourself. No matter how bad yesterday was, it now belongs to the past. Don't let it worry you or stop you from pursuing many possibilities of today. Today is a gift you can unwrap and share with all that's why it is called present. Keep going!

67. Be grateful for the journey of life, with all its twists and turns, detours and diversions. We often learn much from the rocky road than from the smooth path.

64. If you think the world is against you, blaming other people doesn't work. When you fight life, life always wins. Have a happy day!

63. Happiness adds and multiplies as we divide it with others. May your happiness overflow so that it will touch the lives of many people. May God bless you always.

62. Our lives are books and each day is a page. We cannot erase what has already been written but we can always try to write a better ending!

61. Look at babies sleeping - it makes you realize how fragile life is. Look at a shooting star blazing - it makes you realize how temporary life is. Look at the sun rising - it makes you realize how beautiful life is. Look at a person dying - it makes you realize how important life is. Life is beautiful in its fragility, transcience and importance. So, let's live life to the fullest. Laugh, love and be grateful! Life's wonderful. Let's enjoy its wonders!

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