Three Funny Jokes To Laugh At

Here are three free funny jokes to share to your friends. Have a great time laughing and keep sharing ;0
A Funny Joke About Hunting
Two guys from the mafia went hunting. The hunt was going quite well, but suddenly one of them had a heart attack. The second one freaked out and called 911:
“Operator! Operator! My friend had a heart attack! Eh… I think he’s dead.“
"Calm down sir. Is he really dead? Sir, make sure if he’s really dead!”
“Ok. Just a minute”, the operator hears the gunshot. “Yeah, he’s really dead! Now what?”

A Funny Joke About Family Fight
A newly wed couple just got back home from a honeymoon. At 3 am in the morning she calls her mother:
“Mum, mum! It’s terrible! We had a very bad fight before going to bed! It’s terrible! What should I do now?”
“Don’t worry darling. Relax. Every family has arguments. It’s normal. Calm down and go to sleep. Tomorrow will be a better day.”
“Yeah, maybe… Ok, I’m going to bed…Wait, mum…”
“What should I do with his body?”

A Funny Joke On With A Little Help
A lady in a very tight dress tries to get onto the bus. The first step is rather high and the dress is too tight, so she’s having problems. She puts her hands behind her and tries to unzip her skirt some. No success. She tries again, the same. And again, and again.
Suddenly a man standing behind puts his hands around her, lifts and puts her onto the bus.
“How dare you!!” shouts an angry woman.
“I’m sorry, mam. But when you unzipped my pants for the third time, I thought that we were more then just friends…”


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