Inspirational Text Messages #00001-#00010

Here's the first ten free Inspirational quotes and motivational text messages to send to your friends and loved ones to help them get inspired with their faith to GOD.
10. We all are soldiers of God. So, when you feel tired, wounded, and weak, don't give up. The battle is at its peak. And in God's lead, we will always find victory.

9. Throw your worries to the wind and let them fly to God. In the end, it is He alone who guides the wind to breeze joy and love back to you! Nice day!

8. Let the blessings of God flow in your life like springs of living water or rivers that never run dry. God cares for you today, tomorrow and forever.

7. A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everyone around brighten into smiles. May God bring back to you all the happiness you've given to others. Take care.

6. Best age is encourage. Best mile is smile. Best stand is understand. Best end is friend. Best day is today. May God keep you happy and safe everyday.

5. Leave something for God but never leave God for something. Because in life, something will leave you, but God will always be there for you.

4. God hides from us the things that we are not yet ready to receive. That's why when we try to get it ourselves, we end up with the second best. Just pray and wait.

3. Life is an adventure of faith in God, full of surprises yet fulfilling, full of tests yet satisfying, and full of trials yet strengthening.

2. A painting of Christ knocking on a cottage door was critically examined by the artist friend to look for any mistakes in it. No one could find anything but admiration. Finally, a young artist found a basic mistake. "You forgot to paint the door handle or lock on the door." "My friend," the artist remarked, "when Christ knocks on the door of your house, it can only be opened from the inside."

1. Whenever you don't understand what's happening in your life, you just have to close your eyes, take a deep breath and say, "Lord, I know it's your plan, just help me thru it."


waliz said...

hye..long time never been here...i like this quotes..yes we must not forget GOD..he gives us strenght to face ths world...

Hye said...

Hi Waliz...

That's okay with me. I'm glad hearing from you again.


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