Love Text Messages #00011 - #00015

Here's another 5 love text messages to be included in our Free Love Text Messages Collection. Check them out. Feel free to send them to your lover... :D
15. I wish I was your blanket. I wish I was your bed. I wish I was your pillow underneath your head. I wanna be around you. I wanna hold you tight and be the lucky person who kisses you goodnight.

14. Wanting you is easy. Missing you is hard. Wishing you was with me wrapped up in my arms.
Constantly think of you when we're apart. I've got the padlock, you have the key to my heart.

13. You've won my love now I love you. This heart of mine I give to you. So keep it safe as I have done. For you have two and I have none!

12. There are a million stars and a million dreams. You are the only star for me. The only dream I dream.

11. You'll always be mine for now & forever. You'll always be mine for you are my treasure.
You'll always be mine please tell me it's true. Please be mine forever I'll always love you.


Maria Justine said...

I miss my textbooks that I left in the Philippines...thanks for sharing!!!

Hye said...

Hello Maria...

No problem. Feel free to drop by often and copy my text messages :D

Take care always...

Hye :D

waliz said...


another beautiful love message from u..thanks

Dann said...

hi hye..
that was soo tweet love msg. I am gonna send it to my girlfriends. .hehhehe..;)
take care and have a wonderful time..;).

Sweet tips to make your gf happy
my love hub

Hye said...

Hello waliz :D

Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to copy them, ok?

See yah!


Hye said...

Hello dann :D

Yup, you can definitely send these to your girlfriends. LOL.

Ey, I don't have a girlfriend.. Should I need your Tips? Hehe :D


Dann said...

hey hye,
that's for your bf. tell her to read it and then you'll get his 100% attention..;) take care

Hye said...

Okie, dann... I drop by and read your tips in your blog. They are so sweet. Thanks for sharing them. :D

Take care :D


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