Funny Joke on Why Women's Life Is Hard

Here's another funny joke that we can include in our collection of funny and hilarious jokes. Check it out and hope it is worth a laugh :D

Women's life is hard because:

@ MORNING - wash clothes.

@ NOON - hang clothes.

@ EVENING - keep clothes.

@ NIGHT - iron clothes.

@ MIDNIGHT - take off clothes.

@MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT - find clothes.

RECYCLE x 365 days.


waliz said...

hahaha..i think its both!! 24 hours job involving clothes huh?

should open a laundry..hehehe

Hye said...

Hello waliz,

Women are really pond of clothes, right? LOL!


Dann said...

hi hye..
well in this modern age, most of women have became self dependent and professional..don't you agree? They don't have time to play with their clothes all time but they do have time for one activity. MIDNIGHT activity.. ;)No offense..:D have a great time ..

Hye said...

Hello dann,

Well, I do agree that women are now self dependent - more to be career women. As for the "midnight" activity, I think that's true too. LOL. Have a great day too :D


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