Friendship Text Messages #00081-#00090

Friendship Text MessagesLooking for cute friendship text messages to send your friends? Here's another 10 friendly SMS for you and everyone. Enjoy sending ;0

90. Friendship is the art of reaching out and touching someone else's heart just like the way you do. Thanks for being good to me and double thanks for being my friend!

89. We are living our own lives, having our own set of friends that we hang out with and talk to, but anytime you feel like needing someone crazy but real, I'm just around.

88. Having someone to remember is pleasing enough to the heart. It doesn't matter if you remember me once in a while, what matters is we're friends at all times!

87. Thank you, for coming into my life, for helping me to be better, for loving me, for accepting me, and most of all, for being my friend!

86. Without a clue, I found you. Without a clue, we became friends. So when you feel there's nobody by your side and everybody leaves you behind, you'll see without a clue, I'm standing next to you.

85. What is genuine friendship? When you call them by a stupid name and never by their own name. When they always get angry whenever you tell them that you are busy and can't reply. When they tell everything about themselves even if it's embarassing. When they come to see you whenever they get a chance. When you argue with each other on stupid things and then end up laughing!

84. We are in a journey. We never know what road shall we take. We might part ways, have different lives and new friends, but please, if you lose your way, just go back to where you meet me. Good morning!

83. As you go through this day, praise God for the gift of life and the magic of love that binds family and friends who nourish our hearts and bring us real joy.

82. At this time, if your world is spinning around and around and your heart is beating fast, do you think, it's love? No my friend, it's high blood pressure!

81. It isn't every day that I get the chance to thank you for the love and friendship. I may not offer the greatest kind, but it is certainly my best. Salamat ha, sa lahat, mula simula.

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