Love Text Messages #00041 - #00050

Another ten love quotes and love text messages for our collection of love text messages to your bf, short love text messages, text messages to say i love you, funny love text messages to send to your gf, loving text messages, and sad love quotes. Check them out:
50. To boys from cupid: Never leave the girl that destiny picked for you. Truly, distance makes the heart grow fonder but too much will instead make you wander. Always make your presence felt for all she needs is emotional assurance. There is one girl who is meant to catch my arrow for you and nothing can change that, not time nor circumstance.

49. To girls from cupid: A man's heart is as fragile as a butterfly's wing. Never hold it too tightly for in time, he will rest right on the palm of your hands.

48. A life filled with love must have some thorns, but a life empty of love will never have roses.

47. The Law of Science: Nothing is displaced unless it is replaced. Translated into: The Law of Love: You'll fall out of love only if you fall for someone else.

46. What should really count? Is it the time you find yourself smiling thinking of that person, giggling about the moments you've had with him/her? Or the time you found yourself crying because someone makes you so happy, it melts your heart? It's just simple... be with someone who knows what they have when they have you.

45. Don't say you love someone unless you mean it. Because they might do something crazy like believing it.

44. If I have to count reasons why I love you and why I'm so in love with you, I would have to count forever.

43. What is LOVE? Some say it could conquer the world. Others say you will lose yourself, completely blind. But have you ever wondered what's behind those letters L.O.V.E.? I would say, it's a reminder. There's an L because man could not live without Love, there's an O for you wouldn't be able to spell your w_rld without it, there's V since you make yourself Vulnerable to things that they call moments, and E, to tell us the reason of our Existence.

42. The purpose of relationships is not to have someone who might complete you, but to have someone whom you might share your incompleteness with you!

41. The heart remembers all special moments when goodness made a difference. May the love you shared with others return to you in countless ways. Take care!


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